Simple Three Step App Building Process

Connect with your Magento store.

Connect to Magento by modifying three lines of code. Use the extension to manage banners, product views, and sliders effortlessly. Unlock advanced features for superior commerce integration.

Personalize app appearance effortlessly.

Tailor your app's appearance with complete freedom. Customize colors and aesthetics effortlessly using the available source code customization options.

Build and publish for Android, iOS.

Create and launch Android, iOS Apps effortlessly. Build and publish your mobile app code with support for all platform features.


Upgrade to Premium

Our premium extension to unlock exclusive features for an enhanced experience on your mobile app. Manage banners, product sliders, image sliders, category lists and sliders, grid views, list views of products, scheduled contents, and more with ease. Elevate your platform with advanced functionalities tailored for your specific needs, supported on both Android and iOS devices.

Crafted purposefully, countless hours invested.

After countless hours devoted to perfecting this code, you are now poised to launch it for sale and make a meaningful contribution to the community. Your dedication promises not only a refined product but also an impactful addition to the collective progress of our coding community.

Fully Managed from Magento Backend

100% Flexible Branding

Fully Customizable Theme

Compatible Design for Tablet and iPad

Built for Out-of-the-Box Magento Features

Product Slider & Grid View

Category List Slider and Grid View

Additional Options for Banners, Sliders, and More

Case Studies

Successfully completed four mobile apps so far. Here are three sample case studies showcasing the real work. New partners and developers have begun testing and implementing projects with their clients.

Routes to Roots

Welcome to Routes to Roots! Our app is all about finding beautiful ethnic products easily. Whether you’re into colorful fabrics, handmade crafts, or unique cultural items, our app makes it fun and easy to discover these special products.

Originally, our app was made on a different platform, but we made it even better! Now, it runs on Magento headless and vegam.app, giving it a boost in performance and making more money. Users can explore a variety of ethnic products effortlessly with a cool interface. Come along and learn about our journey where technology meets tradition, making it a simple and enjoyable experience for everyone!

Kalyan Silks

Discover an elevated online shopping journey with Kalyan Silks, the pinnacle of textiles in Kerala. In collaboration with Ceymox and Vegam.App, Kalyan Silks revamped their online store, integrating essential features and laying the foundation for future omnichannel functionality.

Driven by a vision for a top-notch mobile experience, Kalyan Silks launched a responsive Android and iOS app that mirrors their redesigned website. This swift and fully functional application ensures a seamless shopping experience, embodying Kalyan Silks’ dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. Dive into a world where tradition meets technology, and explore the finest textiles with the enhanced online presence of Kalyan Silks.

Kalyan Hyper

Kalyan Hyper’s digital transformation with Vegam.App, reshaping the online shopping landscape. Collaborating for a complete overhaul, Kalyan Hyper and Ceymox revamped the e-commerce store and mobile app. The challenge was to enhance user experience, introduce a fresh design, and ensure a seamless transition without losing data.

Addressing speed and efficiency, Kalyan Hyper sought a faster e-commerce solution. With three Kerala stores, Ceymox integrated multi-store functionality, enabling efficient inventory management and location-based delivery. Upgrading and migrating the existing Magento version, they crafted a contemporary, responsive design. Witness Kalyan Hyper’s digital evolution – where thoughtful design meets robust implementation, creating an elevated shopping experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vegam.App is an open-source mobile application designed for Magento store owners. It provides a fully managed app from the Magento backend, allowing flexible branding, customizable themes, and compatibility with tablets and iPads

Vegam.App provides customization options, including fully customizable themes, product sliders, grid views, and category lists, allowing store owners to align their mobile app with their brand identity.

To get started, join the Vegam community, explore available resources, and collaborate with other members to enhance your Magento store’s digital presence. The application is open-source and accessible to everyone.

Yes, Vegam App is completely free to use.

Vegam App is currently in invite-only access and will soon be available on Github. For access, contact Vegam App via email at info@vegam.app or through the website.

Yes, Vegam App is currently designed exclusively for Magento. However, the community is exploring support for other open-source and SaaS platforms.

To purchase a premium version, send an email to info@vegam.app or do it via the website.


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